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Noch 60856: Water Drops Color

Noch 60856
Water Drops Color

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Water imitation

Select Air Circulation or Top and Bottom Heat and pre-heat oven to 170 180°C (338 356°F). Pour all the granules and Water Drops® Softner (included in package) into a clean bake safe jar or pot.  Add the non-melted colour granules into the melted (liquid form) transparent water drops and continue to do so until you acquire the desired colour.
The combination and amount of colours is entirely up to you. Put the jar into the pre-heated oven on top of a sheet of aluminium foil or baking paper. Set the timer for 40 45 minutes and observe the melting process. The Water Drops will melt into a clear liquid.
Info: The melting time may differ slightly between the various oven manufacturers.
Carefully remove the jar or pot from the oven.
WARNING: The water drops are extremely hot in fluid form. Do not touch or contact your skin. Wear heat resistant protective gloves and clothing when using the water drops.
VERY IMPORTANT: Stir the water drops® with metal spoon or screwdriver. If the material is not bubble-free or not transparent, return the jar or pot in the oven and heat it for a few more minutes.
Tip: Wipe off your spoon or screwdriver with a fluff-free towel or rag. Be careful not to touch the spoon or screwdriver, it could be hot.
Tip: To avoid a single colour, we recommend melting multiple jars or pots of the transparent water and then adding the colour granules to each jar or pot.
You have 3 to 4 minutes working time before the water drops cool off and become a solid material. Pour the liquid into the lakebed or riverbed. Allow the material to dry. You may use a hair dryer to heat the surface to remove any small bubbles or to create waves. You may repeat the melting process and detail until you reach the desired scene.
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