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Noch 2K Water Gel  60870

2K Water Gel 60870

Produced by: Noch

Water imitation

2K Water Gel, 2 components, 100 ml each 2K Water-Gel consists of 2 components that are mixed using a 1:1 ratio. Whether you want to create a lake, pond, river or creek, this product is your solution for realistic water scenes. Initially the composition of the material is fluid like water. In this form it is ideal to create mirror-like water surfaces like ponds or lakes. After 30 minutes the gel will pour like honey and is perfect for making rivers. After 60 minutes it is a thick fluid and after 90 minutes it is viscous and can be applied for modelling mountain creeks. 2K Water Gel is a many-sided, easy-to-use material. A further advantage is that you may pour the 2K Water Gel on wood, plaster, styro-foam, metal, glass, ceramic and polystyrene (NOCH Finished Terrain Board Layouts). 2K Water Gel is waterproof, weatherproof and scratch proof when dry
200 ml

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Price: 20.99 €

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